Since Steve took over the pool it now sparkles more than it has ever done...

Vic Birkenshaw



Pool Maintenance and cleaning

We offer a full cleaning and maintenance service for domestic and rental pools.  A typical 12 month contract consists of one visit per week throughout the year for a chemical check, clean with skimmer nets, brush, and vacuum as needed. We also include an extra weekly visit during the months of July August and September for a chemical check.  The pump and filtration system will be cleaned and checked every week and maintained to provide optimum function.


One off pool cleans and troubleshooting

We offer “One Time Cleanings” to customers who normally take care of their own pool, but just need a little help from time to time.  If you have a problem with your pool that you do yourself and can't get to grips with it then, we’re here to help to get you back on track, trouble shooting is our speciality. Give us a call or tell us via our contact page.


Sand and glass change

For optimum cleaning of your pool we recommend that the sand in your filter is changed approximately every 5 to 6 years, this is a rough guide and depends on the use of the pool.  A glass filter medium will last around 10 years or more depending on usage.  If in doubt we can advise.  A filter medium change usually takes around 2-3 hours and is a fixed price depending on the size of the filter.  For all new 12 month contracts we offer this service, if needed, free of charge.


Additional pool equipment

We can offer advice and install extras for your pool including UV systems, Salt water systems, Water heating including solar and air source heat pump systems, pool covers, safety fencing, retro fit lights, etc


Pool repairs, also Leak Detection and repair.

We have been building pools for over 20 years and can offer advice on any issue you have with your pool.  With our expertise and knowledge of pools we can carry out any repairs in the plumbing system and the concrete of the pool including leak detection.  Steve is also a fully qualified advanced diver and undertakes underwater work personally and professionally.


Pump and filter repairs

We can repair all popular brands of filter systems and carry out repairs on pumps, our work is guaranteed.  New pumps and filters are only installed at owners request or when they are beyond repair.


New pools, reforms and regrouting

We build quality custom pools arranging all the paperwork with architect and the town hall.  Please contact us to discuss your ideas.


Green pool restorations.

If you have taken on a new home with a green pool or it has gone green in the height of the summer and you don't have a pool cleaner then do not dispair, call us and we will come and rectify the swamp.  We can have you back swimming in a few days.